Municipal Financial Services

A smart and healthy municipality begins with solid finances

City Auditors and Finance Directors are expected to do more with less. The financial requirements and budgeting process can be overwhelming whether you are new to your position or have multiple years of experience under your belt.

AE2S Nexus professionals understand these challenges first-hand. The AE2S Nexus staff includes former City Auditors and Finance Directors, with a total of 80 years of experience. They have been through numerous budgeting processes and infrastructure financing projects. They have successfully managed reporting requirements, audits, assessments, and many other items giving them vast experience to assist you.

AE2S Nexus Municipal Financial Services

Financial Services for Communities and Political Subdivisions

  • Categorize revenues and expenditures according to budget
  • Prepare and monitor budget
  • Support year-end closing of budget and system
  • Assist with financial statements
  • Prepare and certify special assessments
  • Balance all bank/ investment accounts
  • Track special financial projects
  • Manage financial forms for funding
  • Provide overall financial assistance

Direct Auditor Services for Communities and Political Subdivisions

  • Act as official City Auditor
  • Train new Auditor(s)
  • Assist Auditor(s) with special projects and general workload
  • Assist temporarily or long-term
  • Manage, prepare, and report financial information to the entity in accordance with Board and GAAP requirements (including payroll and payroll reporting)
  • Prepare all monthly and year-end reports
  • Prepare and assist with audit and budget
  • Track and balance accounts, funds, budgets, projects, assessments, districts, etc.
  • Coordinate with existing staff and Board

Auditors, Cities, Political Subdivisions

  • Prepare/Plan Budget
  • Review and analyze budgets, including: levy limitations/additional levies, proper use of funds/reserves, and tax base review and levy request comparisons
  • Analyze cost of service/revenue adequacy/rate design
  • Water, wastewater, solid waste, and stormwater rates
  • Short-term or long-term planning assessment
  • Prepare Special Assessments
  • Special assessment districts
  • Formulas and calculations creation assistance
  • Databases for certified/uncertified special assessments
  • Meetings, documents preparation, and coordination to meet local, state, and funding agency requirements
  • Assist and track projects and funding
  • Planning asset management/capital renewal strategies

Training for New Auditors or Interim Staff

  • Provide guidlelines based on state requirements
  • Provide training on fund accounting and process software, including Banyon, Black Mountain, and Quickbooks
  • Review aspects of necessary duties and provide tracking tools
  • Work with entity to assist with any financial needs
  • Assist with meeting requirements for Boards and the public
  • Provide assistance for any aspect of your Financial System