USEPA Launches Finance Center to Improve Community Water Infrastructure and Resiliency

USEPAThe U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) launched the Water Infrastructure and Resiliency Finance Center in 2015 to help communities across the country improve their wastewater, drinking water, and stormwater systems, particularly through innovative financing. The Center is part of the “White House Build America Investment Initiative” – an effort to increase infrastructure investment and promote economic growth by creating opportunities for State and local governments and the private sector to collaborate, expand public-private partnerships, and increase the use of federal credit programs.

The USEPA says more than $600 billion is needed over the next 20 years to maintain and improve the nation’s water infrastructure. The federal agency compiled a list of each state’s financial need.

This is how Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Wyoming compare:

  • Minnesota $11.8B
  • Montana $1.9B
  • North Dakota $1B
  • South Dakota $1.4B
  • Wisconsin $13.2B
  • Wyoming $1.1B


The Water Infrastructure and Resiliency Finance Center is currently working on the following initiatives:

  • Regional Finance Forums bring together communities with water infrastructure financing needs in an interactive peer-to-peer networking format. Attendees hear how local utilities have financed resilient water infrastructure projects and have the opportunity to meet key regional funding and technical assistance contacts.
  • Disadvantaged Community Support assists in identifying financing options to address small and medium community’s needs. Financing options include available funding sources and possible financing strategies.
  • Affordability Programs for specific segments of service areas that have difficulty paying water and sewer bills. The Center is developing a compendium on rate assistance and household affordability program best practices.
  • Innovative State Revolving Fund Financing (SRF) Peer-to-Peer Learning Program with the Council of Infrastructure Financing Authorities (CIFA) and engaging in other SRF outreach on state-of-the-art practices.
  • Partnerships such as the Water Infrastructure Public-Private Partnership and Public-Public Partnership Study is being explored. The Center is working with its partners to promote new tools such as USEPA Region 3’s “Community-Based Public-Private Partnerships Guide for Local Governments” to explore alternative market-based tools for integrated green stormwater infrastructure.

For more information on funding programs, contact Ryan Graf, AE2S Nexus Financial Analyst, at or 701-746-8087.