Water Protection and Reinvestment Act Introduced to Support Water Infrastructure

moneywaterCongressional legislation that would establish a $9 billion annual federal trust fund for investments in clean water infrastructure is drawing a lot of attention from water officials in cities across the country. The Water Protection and Reinvestment Act would primarily support the Clean Water / Water Pollution Control State Revolving Fund programs, which provide low-cost financing to address the massive backlog of wastewater projects. If passed, the Act would help states replace, repair, and rehabilitate critical wastewater treatment facilities and help communities meet federal clean water standards.

“NACWA (National Association of Clean Water Agencies) has long-supported a national Clean Water Trust Fund as a way to put real money on the table to help communities across the country struggling to meet the ambitious objectives and goals of the Clean Water Act,” said Ken Kirk, NACWA’s executive director.

Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) introduced the Water Protection and Reinvestment Act. Although the legislation is unlikely to immediately move forward, the NACWA is hopeful that it will provide the basis for meaningful action in the next legislative session.