2015 Municipal Solid Waste Rates

Data for the 2015 North Central Utility Rate Survey was solicited from utilities in Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. Solid waste (curbside garbage collection and related services) is an important component of City Services. This year 27 out of 182 respondents reported municipal solid waste data. Based on the 27 respondents, the average and median charge per ton was calculated at $38.58 and $45.00, respectively. Figure 1 illustrates an overview of the cities who reported data. Figures 2 through 5 illustrate solid waste rates by state.

Figure 1: All State Municipal Solid Waste Rates

SolidWaste1Figure 2: Minnesota Solid Waste Rates


Figure 3: North Dakota Solid Waste Rates


Figure 4: South Dakota Solid Waste Rates


Figure 5: Montana and Wyoming Solid Waste Rates


There are a variety of ways that communities handle solid waste. Some charge by the container or use a flat fee. Others use private vendors to provide service. There is also a wide variation of additional services that may be included. For more information about Municipal Solid Waste Rates and the 2015 North Central Region Utility Rate Survey, please contact AE2S Financial Analyst, Miranda Kleven, PE, at 701-746-8087 or Miranda.Kleven@AE2S.com.