2023 Rate Survey Results: Full Cost Pricing

A utility’s cost of service is defined as a system’s total cost of providing service to its customers.  This generally includes operating expenses, maintenance expenses, debt service principal and interest payments, and adequate funding of systems. Appropriate funding of system renewal is often described as an annual investment in rate-funded capital, debt service principal, and … Read more

The Importance of Effectively Communicating Utility Rate Increases

When it comes to communicating rate changes, 62% of respondents to the 2023 AE2S Utility Rate Survey said they utilize utility bills to announce upcoming adjustments. Rate increases are often necessary to fund infrastructure improvements and maintain service quality. However, the way they are communicated is crucial. Transparency is a cornerstone of effective communication with … Read more

Preliminary 2023 Rate Survey Results for Systems Serving 5,000 or Greater

Communities over 5k Utility Rate Survey

The 22nd Edition of the AE2S Nexus Annual Utility Rate Survey is currently in production and will be distributed to the participants in the coming weeks.  Until then, a preliminary look at the results is provided to help you understand how your rates compare to those of your peers.  We hope that the results are … Read more

Preliminary 2023 Results for Systems Serving Less than 5,000 & Regional Systems

The 2023 AE2S Nexus Utility Rate Survey booklet will soon be mailed, or hand delivered. It contains charts of water, wastewater, and stormwater rates, as well as a Total Utility Bill that includes water, wastewater, and stormwater. Since each community faces different challenges, it is often useful to look at the combined utility rate when … Read more

2023 Utility Rate Survey Results

AE2S Nexus has begun mailing or hand delivering the 2023 edition of the annual Utility Rate Survey. We would like to thank the 236 participants this year. AE2S Nexus received responses from 121 systems serving populations 5,000 and greater, 64 systems serving populations less than 5,000, and 51 regional rural water systems.  Survey data was … Read more

Rate Survey Deadline Extended to May 1

Communities over 5k Utility Rate Survey

Will you participate in the 23rd Annual Utility Rate Survey questionnaire? The deadline to respond to the digital and print versions of the survey is May 1, 2023.   Each year, AE2S conducts a survey of water, wastewater, stormwater, and solid waste utility rates throughout the region. Two unique reports are prepared based on community population. One … Read more