2015 Rate Survey Results for Systems Serving Less than 5,000

Here is a sneak peak at the Total Utility Bill (water, wastewater, and stormwater) graphics in the 2015 AE2S Nexus North Central Utility Rate Survey. The values reported in the following tables illustrate the monthly residential charge for a bill equating to 6,000 gallons of water and wastewater usage. Figures 1 through 5 represent the reported results for communities serving less than 5,000 people in alphabetical order, by State and Figure 6 illustrates the reported charges for 6,000 gallons of residential water service per month for the Regional Water System respondents.

Figure 1: Reported 2015 Total Utility Bills for 6,000 gallons – Minnesota Systems Serving Less Than 5,0002015lessF1

Figure 2: Reported 2015 Utility Bills for 6,000 Gallons – Montana Systems Serving Less Then 5,000 2015lessF2

Figure 3: Reported 2015 Total Utility Bill for 6,000 Gallons – North Dakota Systems Serving Less Than 5,000 2015lessF3Figure 4: Reported 2015 Total Utility Bill for 6,000 – South Dakota Systems Serving Less Than 5,000 2015lessF4

Figure 5: Reported 2015 Total Utility Bill for 6,000 Gallons – Wyoming Systems Serving Less Than 5,000 2015lessF5

Figure 6: Reported 2015 Regional Water System Charges for 6,000 Gallons 2015lessF6

In total, AE2S Nexus received survey responses from 77 systems serving 5,000 or less, and substantial efforts were taken to report the data as accurately as possible. Although verification efforts were completed, in some instances data may not have been provided in full or fully verified. We hope you find the survey results useful to your community or Regional Water System as you evaluate your utility rates and plan for the future. If you have any questions related to the 2015 North Central Region Utility Rate Survey, please contact Miranda Kleven at 701-746-8087 or Miranda.Kleven@AE2S.com.