2017 AE2S Nexus Annual Utility Rate Survey Errata

Each year, AE2S Nexus strives to report water, sewer, and stormwater rates as accurately as possible through our Annual Utility Rate Survey. We apologize for any data that was reported incorrectly. The revised charts that appear below correct inaccuracies that have been brought to our attention. Utility Rate errata can also be found on the AE2S Nexus website at www.AE2SNexus.com. If you received a copy of the rate survey and would like a hard copy of the corrected pages, please contact Miranda.Kleven@ae2s.com. Thank you again for your participation.

Large Survey – Ground Water System page 1 (page 9)

Large Survey – MN Water (page 13)

Large Survey – Commercial Water page 1 (page 18)

Large Survey – Mechanical WW page 1 (page 23)

Large Survey – MN WW (Page 27)

Large Survey – Commercial WW page 1 (page 31)

Large Survey – Total Stormwater (pages 36 and 37)


Large Survey – Stormwater page 2 (page 37)

Large Survey – MN Stormwater (page 39)

Large Survey – ND Stormwater (page 40)

Large Survey – Total Utility page 2 (page 47)

Large Survey – MN Total Utility (page 50)

Large Survey – ND Total Utility (page 51)

Small Survey – Regional Water Systems page 1 (page 48)