The Moment of Truth

For the past nine months, the Presidentially-created bipartisan “National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform” has been working to develop specific recommendations to address the national deficit.  Released on December 1, 2010, “The Moment of Truth” is a simply written document outlining specific recommendations to address the country’s deficit financial condition. Highlights within the report … Read more

Ongoing Debate Regarding Financial Risk Associated with Water Shortages

Water availability is a concern that is not new to water utilities, especially in certain parts of the country. The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) recently reported that more than 1,100 counties in the United States will face high risks of water shortages by mid-century and more than 400 of the counties will be at … Read more

Pledge of Securities

In the State of North Dakota, NDCC 21-04-13 states that the governing body of a City must approve all pledges of securities at each depository a minimum of two times per year.  The Auditor is responsible for obtaining proof of pledges of securities and for providing the information to the governing body.  The proof of … Read more