Assessing Affordability

Water is a basic human need. As a result, the cost of an average level of residential water service cannot be fairly compared to the cost of non-essential items such as cable TV, soda pop, and other discretionary items when determining whether the cost is “affordable”.  Affordability means different things to different communities and varies … Read more

Federal Government Funded at FY2010 Level through December 3rd

On September 30th, Congress passed a continuing resolution (CR, H.R. 3081) to fund most federal programs at FY2010 levels through December 3rd.  Prior to Congress recessing for the mid-term elections, work on appropriations bills was well underway.  Committee reports on all except the Interior and Environment bill have been published by the Senate, and House … Read more

Hidden Risks

During the recent credit crisis and resulting economic downturn, a greater focus has been put on hidden risks in assets owned by major investors across the economy.  Growing water scarcity in many regions of the United States is a risk running through municipal bond markets, one that must be addressed to protect the strength of … Read more