Back to Basics – A Review of Rate Study & Rate Design

There are many potential objectives for your community to complete a Rate Study. The most basic reason is to maintain financial viability for your system now and into the future. The information developed throughout the study analysis and from financial modeling tools developed for the study can be used both to help guide long-term strategic … Read more

Back to Basics – Cost of Service Analysis (COSA)

A Cost of Service Analysis (COSA) is the allocation of costs to the various customer classes served (i.e. residential, commercial, industrial, etc.) corresponding to the level of service provided. Many costs are incurred for the joint benefit of all customers, some costs benefit certain customers more than others, and other costs may benefit only specific … Read more

Back to Basics – Revenue Adequacy

Each year, utility managers and policy makers analyze the cost of operating the utility in the upcoming year, as well as the revenues the utility can reasonably expect in that year. Any anticipated shortfall is then addressed by making adjustments to the budget, delaying capital investment, or increasing user fees. This exercise is generally a … Read more