Deadlines for Minnesota and Montana Grant Proposals to Fight Nonpoint Source Water Pollution

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) and Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) are seeking proposals for projects that will reduce nonpoint source pollution. Funding for selected projects will be provided by the Federal Clean Water Act Section 319 grant funds. Nonpoint source water pollution is caused by agricultural and forestry practices, urban and suburban development, and mining activities. Common pollutants include sediment, nutrients, pesticides, and heavy metals.
MPCAThe MPCA anticipates about $2.5 million will be available this year, contingent upon Congressional appropriation. Proposals must address nonpoint source development, education, or applied research (DER) projects; implementation projects for Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) studies; or Watershed Protection and Restoration Strategies (WRAPS). There is a maximum limit of $300,000 per project funding request, and projects must be funded with at least a 45 percent local cash or in-kind match. The MPCA urges applicants to limit requests to funds needed to complete a project by Aug. 31, 2018. The complete Request for Proposal (RFP), proposal form, and other information is available on the State’s SWIFT e-supplier portal. Proposals must be received through the portal no later than 2:00 p.m. on Friday, July 11, 2014. For TMDL/ WRAPS implementation projects, eligible applicants must have already secured a TMDL Implementation Plan or WRAPS approved by the MPCA by June 30, 2014. Questions may be emailed to Julianne LaClair at
DEQlogoThe Montana DEQ has approximately $1 million available to qualified organizations for 2015 projects that will address water pollution from nonpoint sources. The DEQ is seeking project proposals to further the State’s goal of protecting clean water and restoring waters that are impaired by these sources of pollution. Project sponsors are generally limited to State and local governments, eligible nonprofit organizations, and tribes. All project sponsors must complete and submit a project proposal form to the DEQ by July 28, 2014. The final application is due on September 29, 2014. Successful projects will be announced after the 319 Agency Review Panel meets on Thursday, October 23, 2014. For more information on the 319 Call for Project Proposals, contact Robert Ray, the Watershed Protection Section Manager at DEQ Planning, Prevention & Assistance, at 406-444-5319 or Or click here to access the Montana DEQ’s 319 Project Funding website.

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