2014 North Central Utility Rate Survey Results

AE2S Nexus is preparing to distribute the 2014 version of its annual North Central Utility Rate Survey. We would like to thank the 224 participants this year. We received responses from 108 systems serving populations of 5,000 and greater, 81 systems serving populations less than 5,000, and 35 regional systems. As in previous years, survey … Read more

Deadlines for Minnesota and Montana Grant Proposals to Fight Nonpoint Source Water Pollution

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) and Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) are seeking proposals for projects that will reduce nonpoint source pollution. Funding for selected projects will be provided by the Federal Clean Water Act Section 319 grant funds. Nonpoint source water pollution is caused by agricultural and forestry practices, urban and suburban … Read more

President Obama Signs Bill that Includes Creation of Water Infrastructure Finance Innovations Authority

President Barack Obama signed the Water Resources Reform and Development Act (WRRDA) into law in early June. It’s the first water resources bill to be approved since 2007. Here are some highlights of the WRRDA legislation: Provides funding for rural communities to comply with federal regulations. Establishes hard deadlines on the time and cost of … Read more