USEPA Develops Publication to Outline Utility Customer Payment Assistance Options

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (USEPA) Water Infrastructure and Resiliency Finance Center recently published a compendium of utility customer assistance programs (CAPs). The publication includes information about a multitude of programs created to aid those who have difficulty paying their water and sewer bills.

The USEPA says the programs range from discount programs for low income, elderly, or disabled customers to those in a short-term crisis situation such as the death of a family member. The programs are implemented in various ways, including via donation programs, variable rate structures, and collaboration with local social service agencies. There are examples included for short-term or long-term reductions through a Bill Discount, Flexible Terms, Lifeline Rate, Temporary Assistance, and Water Efficiency.

Click here to access the entire Drinking Water and Wastewater Customer Assistance Programs document.