Creating a Long-Term Funding Plan

Although it’s difficult to see into the future with certainty, planning activities that address near-term needs while keeping an eye on potential long-term needs can lay the groundwork for a well planned capital improvements plan (CIP). When it comes to rate-setting, capital is often the primary driver. As a result, comprehensive capital planning that is updated … Read more

USEPA Develops Publication to Outline Utility Customer Payment Assistance Options

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (USEPA) Water Infrastructure and Resiliency Finance Center recently published a compendium of utility customer assistance programs (CAPs). The publication includes information about a multitude of programs created to aid those who have difficulty paying their water and sewer bills. The USEPA says the programs range from discount programs for low … Read more

Loans Available for Nonpoint Pollution Control Projects

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency’s (MPCA) Clean Water Partnership (CWP) program is accepting applications from local governmental agencies interested in loans for nonpoint source pollution control projects. More than $9 million in loans are available for projects that will protect or restore Minnesota’s water bodies. The MPCA’s Clean Water Partnership (CWP) program offers low-interest loans … Read more