The 20th Annual Utility Rate Survey is Underway

The digital and print versions of the 20th Annual Rate Survey questionnaire went out to utilities at the beginning of February.   Each year, AE2S conducts a survey of water, wastewater, stormwater, and solid waste utility rates throughout the region. Two unique reports are prepared based on community population. One is for communities with populations of … Read more

Inflation as a Key Utility Budget Consideration

It is often noted “the budget is a guide.” That said, when developing a “guide” that is a good faith estimate of actual expected expenditures, experience-based assumptions are critical. Inflation assumptions are one key consideration to ensuring near-term utility budgets or long-term forecasts will meet the actual revenue requirements of the utility.  The practice of … Read more

2021 Financial Capability Assessment for Clean Water Act Obligations

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) signed a Federal Register notice finalizing the 2021 Financial Capability Assessment (FCA) for Clean Water Act (CWA) Obligations. A pre-publication of the 2021 FCA is available until the official version is published in the Federal Register, which has been delayed until the document can be reviewed by the Biden … Read more