Federal Government Funded at FY2010 Level through December 3rd

On September 30th, Congress passed a continuing resolution (CR, H.R. 3081) to fund most federal programs at FY2010 levels through December 3rd.  Prior to Congress recessing for the mid-term elections, work on appropriations bills was well underway.  Committee reports on all except the Interior and Environment bill have been published by the Senate, and House … Read more

Hidden Risks

During the recent credit crisis and resulting economic downturn, a greater focus has been put on hidden risks in assets owned by major investors across the economy.  Growing water scarcity in many regions of the United States is a risk running through municipal bond markets, one that must be addressed to protect the strength of … Read more

Inclining Block Rate Structures as a Price Incentive for Conservation in the North Central Region – Part II of a Two-Part Series

Inclining block rates can be an important component of a multi-faceted conservation plan. In recent years, many water utilities in our region have moved away from declining block and uniform block rates to an inclining block rate structure. If you are contemplating the benefits of such a change, there are some considerations to be taken … Read more

Inclining Block Rate Structures as a Price Incentive for Conservation in the North Central Region – Part I of a Two-Part Series

As a result of the trend toward water conservation, one area of interest targeted in the 2010 North Central Region Utility Rate Study was the use of inclining block rate structures. In recent years, conservation measures have been widely implemented throughout the country. In our region, we have seen many communities offer plumbing and appliance … Read more

Congress Seeks to Extend Bond Programs

House Resolution 5893 was introduced in the United States House of Representatives on July 28, 2010, in an effort to continue sparking the economy through various governmental incentives.  Entitled “Investing in American Jobs and Closing Tax Loopholes Act of 2010,” the Resolution covers an assortment of incentives.  Specifically, the Resolution would: Extend the Build America … Read more

President Obama Pitches Infrastructure Bank

As communities continue to face challenges in financing capital projects, an idea that has been kicked around for the past several years has resurfaced.  President Obama would like to establish a permanent Infrastructure Bank to fund infrastructure projects starting with high-speed rail and surface transportation.  The Infrastructure Bank would be initially capitalized with $50 billion … Read more